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Marketing Expo a Blast

September 23, 2009

Had my first semi-event yesterday afternoon at the Palm Springs Convention Center as the New Director of Marketing and Promotions, and I had a blast. It was great to promote the new teams for the league this winter, and explain my passion for the sport of baseball and why it is becoming so successful in the valley. Its still a bit of a shock for me to have people recognizing me around town, or at meetings, but it feels great. I must be accomplishing some of my goals as a new member of the team!

I am getting antzy to start having some of these ideas I have roaming around in my head put into action, and I am really ready to meet all of our new players for this winter. I love to talk, and always enjoy a new opportunity to rattle ideas and stories off other people. About 100 baseball players should bring commotion, activity and never a dull moment around here. Hopefully they bring cooler weather with them by that time!

Another thing I can’t wait to be apart of…. winter in California. From what I hear there is no better place! I am used to -20 degrees, and walking miles to and from class or work… so this is going to be like a vacation for me!

Better get back to the work that still sits ahead of me though, rather than rambling on about it.

Don’t forget to having anybody you know that would be interested in signing for the winter league contact us ASAP!


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