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What a jolly weekend it was!

December 8, 2009

Wow, was the weekend of the 4th-7th (Fri-Sun) BUSY for the Palm Springs Power, or what!  Things started out a bit rough on Friday when, at just around 10am, the lights went out in the offices at the Stadium.  After a few phone calls, we discovered the power was going to be out until Monday. Yikes!  After a moment’s thought, we quickly gathered up our stuff into our recently delivered 16×8′ flatbed truck, and moved locations so we could have power when building our float for the Festival of Lights. Staff members worked diligently with lights, garland, and an assortment of other Holiday decorations until the sun went down just around 5pm… And a broken fuse caused all our lights to go out. Ugh!

After a good night’s sleep we reconvened around 10am on Saturday and worked straight through the day and despite a leaky tired on the flatbed (a whole other story..) we were able to drop the truck off at the parade by 3pm. WOW did the other floats look great! It was clear that everyone put so much effort into their designs and some of them were absolutely breathtaking. Props to everyone who participated! For a lot of POWER staff members, this was their first Festival of Lights parade and everyone had a wonderful time, chilly weather and all!! A special thanks to the City of Palm Springs for running a wonderful and memorable event. From what we could tell, everything went off without a hitch and the crowd was greater than the 80,000 expected! 
From the Palm Springs POWER Staff Members- a very special THANK YOU to all our family, friends, POWER players, Darrell Evans, and others who came out to ride on our float.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did- you helped make the event and our float a great success and we are very appreciative! A big thanks to our marketing director, Jordin, as well, for organizing our participation in the event! You deserve 3 big cheers… and 3 this time, not just 1 😉

On Sunday morning, a few staff members made the trek back to Palm Springs to participate in the Winter Wonderland at the Stadium, hosted by the Western Coachella Valley Police Activities League.  Rocky & Tundra had a great time at the event and the kids & families seemed equally enthralled by them as well! Besides walking around and taking pictures, Rocky & Tundra were able to hand out California Winter League promotional cards with a free admission to a CWL game to fans. Perhaps the highlight for them and the crowd was seeing our 2 furry friends ride down the Super Slide! Their fur sure made for a “quick trip” down the slide!!

So alas, here we are! Back in the office for a new week with the excitement and stress of a busy weekend behind us! I am pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that this week is guaranteed to be less hectic than last (knock on wood). 

So what are we up to now? Well, a few members will be participating in a golf tournament on Wednesday at Tahquitz Canyon golf course then there are a few potential events on the agenda for the rest of December.  Keep your eyes on the look out for us; you never know when you may see us out & about 🙂

OH and don’t forget- the CWL starts on January 29th, just 52 days!!!  Can’t wait to see you out there!

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