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Game 3: POWER v Tucson Nationals

June 5, 2011

Tucson Nationals (3-1)

1. RF 1 George Dellos R

2. 2B 15 Ian Farris R

3. C 83 Sean Ramalho R

4.CF 32 Mike Cross

5. 1B 44 Justin Root L

6. DH 6 Vicente Fernandez R

7. 3B 5 Mike Valois

8. SS 22 Michael Williams

9. RF 28 Wes Runnels

On the Mound: RHP 27 Josh Bullock

POWER Lineup (1-1)

1. CF 2 Justin Cureton R

2. 2B 17 Chett Zeise R

3. LF 5 Donald Glover L

4. 1B 24 Ryan Jones L

5. C 34 Alex DeLeon R

6. RF 19 Frankie Torress  R

7. 3B 12 Hank Yates R

8. DH 26 Sean Flanagan R

9. SS 14 Curtis Gomez R

On the hill: RHP 39 Julian Esquibel

Bark in the Park: Tonight is the first Bark in the Park of the year. Feel free to bring out your retrievers, terriers, labradoodles, poodles, huskies, etc. to tonight’s game. The first twenty-five dogs through the gates will get a doggie treat. Also, be sure to sign up for the Most Loyal Dog competition, which will be going on all season long. Two lucky dogs will be selected for a fetch competition during tonight’s game. If you need a song to get you stoked for tonight’s game, maybe this is the best selection for any pre-game mix.

I get knocked down, but I get up again: Coming off their first loss of the season, the POWER expect to learn from last night and pull of a victory against the Nationals. This assemblage of players have only been together for less than a week, but having met them and seen them practice and chat, I can tell you that they’ll rally around one another to overstock the W column from here on out.

Listen Live: Listen live to tonight’s game as Darrell Linderman and Nathan Barnett call all of the action. The broadcast will start right around 6:30pm with the first pitch at 7:05.

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