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Game 7: POWER v East LA Dodgers

June 12, 2011

POWER Lineup (OVR 4-2 / CONF 2-0)

1. 2B 16 Zack Haley

2. SS 27 Evan Boyd

3. LF 7 Marcus Romero

4. RF 19 Frankie Torress

5. DH 34 Alex DeLeon

6. 1B 24 Ryan Jones

7. 3B 10 Kenny Sigman

8. C 33 Carney Chamberlain

9. CF 2 Justin Cureton

On the mound: RHP 39 Julian Esquibel

Palm Desert Youth Sports Association Night: The POWER welcome the Palm Desert Youth Sports Association to Palm Springs Stadium tonight. PDYSA Little Leaguers in their team jerseys will get in free of charge and have the opportunity to join the players on the field (!) for the National Anthem. They’ll also get a chance to run the bases after the game.

Building momentum: The POWER look to add to their three-game win streak and continue to stay undefeated in conference play.

Baking in the Desert: Palm Desert native Nick Baker makes his second start of the year after pitching five scoreless on Opening Day. The Chico State rising sophomore is playing for his hometown team and was the subject of a feature by Patti Myers at The Desert Sun last week.

Listen Live: Listen live to tonight’s game as Darrell Linderman and Nathan Barnett call all of the action. The broadcast will start right around 6:30pm with the first pitch at 7:05.

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