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Game 13: POWER v. So Cal Athletics

June 19, 2011

POWER Lineup (OVR 10-2 / CONF 4-0)

1. 2B 14 Curtis Gomez

2. SS 27 Evan Boyd

3. LF 7 Marcus Romero

4. 1B 24 Ryan Jones

5. C 34 Alex DeLeon

6. DH 26 Sean Flanagan

7. RF 12 Hank Yates

8. 3B 10 Kenny Sigman

9. CF 2 Justin Cureton

Pitching: RHP 30 Casey McCarthy

Bark in the Ballpark: It’s the season’s third Bark in the Ballpark. Bring out your dogs to the stadium if you feel so inclined for yet another dog-themed evening of great baseball.

Open and Shut Case-y: Casey McCarthy’s last start lasted 8 innings, over which time frame he allowed just seven hits, no walks, and a mere two runs. Oh–right, that was against this same So Cal team. Harry Gurley and his staff are looking for more of the same from the CSU, San Bernardino criminal justice major. With a dazzling 1.64 ERA and a .189 batting average against, McCarthy has proven his worth as a key piece of the POWER rotation. Another start, and surely more success for Casey today.

Eight-teen Hundred: I just bolded the product of .300 and 6 because it’s worth pointing out that each of the POWER’s first six hitters is hitting .300+. Gomez (.313), Boyd(.375), Romero(.387), Jones(.400),  DeLeon(.324), and Flanagan (.429).

Listen Live: Listen live to tonight’s game as Darrell Linderman and Nathan Barnett call all of the action. The broadcast will start right around 7:00pm with the first pitch at 7:05.

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