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Game 20: Power v. Seals

June 26, 2011

POWER Lineup (OVR 16-3 / CONF 8-1)

1. SS 43 David Kiriakos

2. DH 33 Carney Chamberlain

3. RF 19 Frankie Torress

4. CF 12 Hank Yates

5. C 34 Austin Barrett

6. 1B 44 Ryan Garvey

7. 3B 12 Kenny Sigman

8. 2B 14 Curtis Gomez

9. LF 5 Donald Glover

Pitching: RHP 41 Chris Licon

Bark in the Park:  Bring your four-legged friends out to the ballpark tonight for Bark in the Park.

Listen Live: Listen live to tonight’s game as Darrell Linderman and Gaylan Towle call all of the action. The broadcast will start right around 7:00pm with the first pitch at 7:05.

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